The Benefits of Therapy

Many survivors find that the coping strategies that have worked throughout their lifetime become less effective over time as the complexities and stresses of adult life emerge. Therapy can provide relief and healing and can truly be the difference between living and coping.

Therapy begins with connection: The connection with an individual therapist or other group members initiates a journey to reclaim the underlying sense of trust and safety lost through abuse. The relationship of therapy provides an opportunity to form a trusting relationship with a therapist who provides skilled and caring guidance throughout the process of addressing the pain of the past.

Within the safety of therapy, the story of one's abuse may emerge – this time in the presence of a supportive ally, often allowing the survivor the opportunity to explore and express that which was impossible to express in childhood.

Healing begins as the long-held secret of abuse and betrayal is allowed to be spoken and grieved by the survivor – and in turn, heard, believed and validated by the therapist. Many survivors come to find, often for the first time in their lives, that they are not alone.

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Many survivors don't realize that specialized therapy services are available and can be a gateway to healing and reclaiming the life and vitality that were compromised as a result of the abuse.

You Are Not Alone. We Can Help.

Letting go of mistaken beliefs from abuse to claim a new sense of self

Almost universally, the victims of childhood abuse live with the misguided belief that they did something wrong to cause the sexual abuse. They may feel that they do not deserve happiness or success. Competent and successful men and women, whose lives appear on track in every other way, exhibit inexplicable, self-defeating behaviors.

Through the process of therapy, survivors are able to let go of the mistaken beliefs of an abusive childhood and claim a true and authentic sense of self.

Ending the Generational cycle of pain

As individuals come to heal from the effects of abuse, they also become more able to create safety for themselves and for those in their care. Individuals, families and communities become safer and stronger as the effects of abuse decrease. By helping the survivor to become stronger, counseling may also help reveal an abuser within a family system and end the abuser's access to current family members.

Finding hope and fulfillment

Through an intense and gradual process with the trained therapists at Roanoke Park Counseling, the survivor's world view created as a child, including self-blame and shame, can be unraveled to reveal a new framework for understanding themselves, their strengths and their abilities for hope and fulfillment in their lives. Survivors are able to begin to create stability for themselves that in turn allows new possibilities of trusting, respectful, and healthy relationships with others.

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