"Roanoke Park Counseling has given me freedom to:
  • Learn that I have been a survivor and not a victim.
  • Communicate with other women who have had similar experiences in order to no longer feel lonely or alone.
  • Help extinguish my fears so that now I can sleep through the night instead of being awakened by nightmares.
  • Get the support I need to pull myself out of that deep, dank, dark hole of depression.
  • Feel my feelings because as children we learned not to feel.
  • Know that I am not different because I was abused.
  • Not have to try to be someone else because I didn't like myself, and because I felt that I didn't have my own identity.
  • Accept that what happened was horrible, tragic and sad but was in no way my fault.
  • Truly believe that I can love myself and be loved by others just the way I am.
  • Finally feel empowered because of the knowledge that I have gained.

Thank you so much."

- Roanoke Park Counseling Client

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