Experiences in our Client's Words

Out of respect for privacy and to maintain trust, Roanoke Park Counseling doesn't solicit stories. We are profoundly grateful to survivors who volunteer to share their journeys as a part of their healing process and in the hopes that others will be encouraged in their own healing journey.

Safety at Roanoke Park Counseling

"Within these four walls, I have found safety for the first time in my adult life."

Taking the risk to be vulnerable

"To lose this valuable resource would be devastating to the community of souls who have benefited from the nurturing environment created by the staff. These souls have earned this safe harbor by taking the risk to be vulnerable and open in a world that has been deeply unkind to them."

Finding a home to trust

"Shepherd's is my home away from home. I know that sounds funny to be saying about a counseling place, but this one is different. The counselors have a way of making a person feel like you are a part of them. So I can trust them very much."

Starting to feel safe

"I am starting to feel safe again. I thank God that I've found a place to help me."

I couldn't run fast enough

"I am a 39-year old survivor of sexual abuse. I spent nearly a lifetime telling myself that I was strong enough to overcome my history. I bought books, tried different counselors, ran myself ragged trying to outpace my fears, my insecurities, my self-doubt. But I couldn't. Eventually, I couldn't run fast enough to get away from myself ... and when I stopped running, my emotional world began to close in on me. I called many organizations looking for help, but there are few dedicated to helping survivors of sexual abuse. Despite our society's best efforts, discussing sexual abuse and incest is still taboo. Shepherd's Counseling Services is the only facility in the Seattle area that offers low-cost group counseling for survivors of sexual abuse. Let me repeat: the only facility in Seattle."

Going on to help others

"Because of the help I've received at Shepherd's, I got my Bachelor's degree last year and decided that I want to work with survivors of abuse once I get out of grad school."

Living for the first time

"There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful to Shepherd's ... for giving me my life. It's something I have never had before."

Becoming a whole person again

"I thank Shepherd's for providing safe harbor. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to be a whole person. I thank them for making the services affordable for people living at the margin."

The ripple effect of abuse

"Sexual abuse has a huge ripple effect. It affects all those around you. Shepherd's not only saved my life, but my life is now more meaningful and productive."

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