A Survivor, Not a Victim

"Ever since I had my daughter, I have realized that the only way that I can be a good parent and good person to myself is if I begin the healing process that I've delayed. A process that should have begun 10, 15, 20 years ago – but one that I could only begin when I realized that I needed to ensure not only my survival but hers. To ensure that she grows up in a place that is nurturing, a place that is safe, a place that opens up her life to possibility. You see, I am a survivor – of a lot of things. I realize these things more each day that I go to group and realize that the things I considered normal or even quirky that happened in my family are actually quite disturbing.

Roanoke Park Counseling is a safe place, for I am starting to breathe because I can utter all of the things that have been stuck deep inside me with women in the group that are also survivors who feel these things. These women are trying to become better, trying to see things clearer. These beautiful survivors.

I call myself that now. A survivor. I am not a victim. I am a survivor of all of these things and trying to become a better person – now – more whole, more aware, checking in everyday – for my daughter – for myself. This is my step – a hard, long step in the right direction.
This is a safe place, this place called Roanoke Park Counseling."


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