Meet Our Administration

Our administration and staff are dedicated to Roanoke Park Counseling’s mission to restore the hope and dignity of adults who have been sexually abused in childhood through healing and community awareness. We put our mission into action through compassionate, respectful, and effective service to our clients and to the community.

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  • Brook Avidon
    Brook (1)
    MA, LMHC
    M.A., Psychology, Antioch University
    B.A., Philosophy, minor in Education, S.U.N.Y. Binghamton
    Specialties: Abuse, Creativity, GBLT Issues, Trauma

    Brook came to Roanoke Park Counseling in 2011 and feels that the long-term approach to healing from childhood trauma is essential. She describes her approach to therapy as 'eclectic, client centered, collaborative and relational.' With a background in body-centered therapy, she focuses not only on understanding experiences with the mind, but also on how those experiences are felt emotionally and in the body. Brook views her work and the world through a lens of curiosity and compassion.

    "Therapy is not the only answer. It is, though, a way to heal with a witness, a guide who can help you move through your memories, feelings, and experiences in a safe way, allowing you to grow into a more fulfilling and joyful life," she says.

    The focus of Brook's work in agencies, in her private practice and in indigenous communities in the U.S. and Canada, has been on healing from childhood trauma, domestic violence and oppression. She has worked extensively within the GBLT community. She values understanding the cultural context of all healing work. Brook believes that all of these experiences contribute to her view of the human spirit as resilient and amazing.

    Brook serves as a Therapist and Clinical Coordinator at RPC.

  • Janice Palm
    MA, LMHC
    M.A., Psychology, Antioch University
    B.A., Education, Seattle Pacific College
    Specialties: Depression, Abuse, Trauma, Anxiety

    The Executive Director's role at Roanoke Park Counseling is to lead, cultivate and keep the agency alive and vital to ensure that the agency's mission is carried out to its fullest potential.

    For Janice, the duties go one step more: To protect and respect each client who walks through our doors. By making sure that RPC’s core value of unwavering respect for the dignity of all people permeates the clinical and administrative culture of the agency, Janice says, "it ultimately radiates to the clients we are privileged to serve."

    It is Janice's work as a therapist that fuels her passion and resolve to ensure that programs, administration, board function and staff development work in concert to provide the greatest possibility of stability and effectiveness. Roanoke Park Counseling has a tremendous responsibility and challenge in providing a very deep and valuable service at affordable rates -- and a record of success that shows that it works.

  • Connie Hoover
    Office Manager

    Connie joined the Roanoke Park Counseling team in 2012, bringing with her 6 years of experience as an Office Manager. She manages all of the accounting and insurance billing and works hard to help these processes go as smoothly as possible for clients. She enjoys being part of the RPC team and supporting the services and programs provided here.

Our Therapists

Therapists at RPC bring special training and experience to understanding the experience of survivors and the profound life effects of sexual abuse in childhood.

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Through collaboration, leadership and commitment, RPC's Board of Directors work to strengthen and guide the agency to ensure that our unique and affordable therapy services remain strong and vital.

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